Youngboy Never Broke Again and Kodak Black were once on the same page but something changed in their relationship, prompting them to become at odds with one another. The two have gone at each other on numerous occasions, with Kodak's Sniper Gang affiliates even pushing customized toilet paper with YB's face on the rolls at a time. Despite their rumored disdain for one another, Kodak isn't happy about Youngboy's recent arrest.

On Monday evening, it was reported that rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again was arrested by the feds and LAPD after he attempted to flee on foot. The "Make No Sense" artist was reportedly caught by a K-9 unit after running away. Plenty of reactions from his closest loved ones, including Yaya Mayweather and Jania Meshell, have come in overnight but his so-called rivals are also speaking out about his arrest. Jackboy, one of Kodak Black's buddies, offered to buy YB's boys food while the rapper is locked up, clarifying that he wishes jail on nobody. Kodak was more compassionate in his reaction, explaining that they've got their differences but that he's far from happy that the star got caught by the feds.

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

"Nah, I ain't happy YB went to jail," said Kodak on Instagram Live. "F*ck I'm happy he went to jail for? That was my lil bruh at one point. The f*ck I'm happy for? We street n***as, that could be anybody."

Despite all of the insults that have flown from the other direction, Kodak is showing maturity in his reaction to Youngboy's arrest. Hopefully, YB gets out of jail soon and can continue his prolific music career. We will keep you updated as this story develops.