Hours after coming to learn of his removal from T.I.'s Museum Of Trap Music, the controversial Kodak Black has issued a response to the latest incident. Taking to his preferred pulpit of "The Gram," Kodak addressed his followers with a livestream, planting further seeds for an escalating feud with Tip. For the most part, he remains unfazed, at least on the surface. 

"Rest in peace Shawty Lo," begins Kodak, alluding to the Atlanta rapper who once feuded with T.I. a few years back. "Fu*k that pu**y ass museum, bitch. I ain't give y'all permission to put me up there anyway, bitch," rants Kodak. In any case, it's clear that Kodak has been keeping up with the developments, and we can only hope that he and T.I. are able to reach a peaceful resolution before further violence escalates. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

For now, it's alarming to watch this unfold, especially under the light of Charlamagne The God's recent wisdom. While bestowing "Donkey Of The Day" upon Kodak Black, Charlamagne reflected on the exchange between T.I. and the young Dying To Live rapper. "The OGs need to know the youth learn from them whether directly or indirectly," he stated, claiming that both Tip and Game should have reached out to Kodak directly, rather than blasting him for the world to see. "It's a bunch of people amping up a situation, and you already know men got fragile egos, and that toxic masculinity leads brothas to feel like they have to prove themselves, and that's exactly what we don't want or need right now."

Check out Kodak's response below. For whatever reason, the rapper seems unwilling to cool his jets. He's already made enemies out of Lil Wayne, Reginae Carter, Michael Rapaport, Sticky Fingaz, and Young M.A. Can cooler heads prevail, at this point?