Kodak Black has been in prison in Kentucky for a few months now and it has been well-documented how Kodak has been treated while in the facility. There have been multiple instances where Kodak felt like his life was at risk, however, nothing was done about it. His lawyer, Bradford Cohen, has been quite vocal about this mistreatment and has been fighting his hardest to make sure Kodak is protected.

Now, it appears as though Kodak is going through another struggle in prison. As Cohen explained to TMZ, Kodak has pivoted towards the Jewish faith and while he hasn't officially converted, he wants to start practicing the religion. In fact, Kodak has requested a Rabbi but the prison simply won't let him. Cohen said that the prison won't allow face-to-face meetings, however, phone calls are technically allowed. Despite this, the prison isn't letting Kodak get access to a religious figure.

Kodak Black

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL

Cohen has threatened to sue the prison for violating Kodak's first amendment rights. This could lead to a large escalation although at this point, you would hope the prison would just let Kodak talk to a rabbi.

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