A few hours ago, Kodak Black was officially released from jail after posting his $20K bond. The rapper was arrested after police reportedly found marijuana and weapons in the car he was travelling in. He was forced to cancel his concert last night and tonight, he also will not be performing. As he walked out of jail, the Floridian made sure that all eyes were on him. However, we couldn't see his face because he strategically blocked it using a wad of cash money.

Johnny Louis/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In a video captured by an ABC News affiliate, Kodak Black can be seen leaving jail with his lawyer by his side. He uses a fan of hundred-dollar bills to shield his face, ensuring that everybody knows he's got more than enough money to handle this situation. The star remained silent and let his lawyer do the only smidgen of talking, offering up a "no comment" when he was asked where Kodak was going last night. He blindly entered the passenger seat of a minivan before they drove off. 

This is not the first time Kodak Black has gotten in trouble with the police. He is currently awaiting trial in a sexual assault case so this isn't a great look for him right now. Watch the flex video below.