Kodak Black is only 21-years-old but you can already see how much the young man has progressed in his music career. When he started in the game, he was set on becoming a street sensation, which he achieved. Now, he's rapping about the rough experiences he's been through in prison and how he's working to change his life. It's crazy to think about where Kodak was a few years ago as opposed to where he's at now. Fresh off the release of his sophomore album Dying To Live, the Florida artist made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing his single "Testimony" and impressing a lot of the people that tuned in.

The young artist is showing flashes of Lil Wayne-like potential. Of course, it's impossible to estimate where he will end up in a few years but Kodak is growing in a major way and it's possible that he levels up again in 2019. Kodak was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show where he sang a smooth version of "Testimony." Unlike the majority of his peers, Kodak was up there with no backing vocals. It's just him and the instrumentalists, which gives off an intimate vibe as Kodak goes deep in his lyrics. 

If you haven't checked out his new album, give it a chance. Check out his performance below.