Kodak Black's been under fire recently for his numerous controversial remarks he's made on the Internet and in real life. For many fans, his comments about Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London was the final straw. Fans have been pledging to "cancel" the rapper while radio stations have placed a ban on Kodak's music moving forward. It appeared as though all of his recklessness caught up with him after footage surfaced suggesting that he was stomped out during a show. Kodak insists that's not the case, hopping on Instagram Live to dispel the rumors.

Kodak Black is making it clear that no one stomped him out at a concert in Raleigh, NC. Footage surfaced earlier this week that seemed to show the rapper getting swallowed up by the large crowd after he decided to jump off of the stage and crowd surf.

"You better off amputating both of your fucking legs [if] you kick me, let alone stomp me. How you gon' do that? Then what happened?" Kodak said in the video. 

In other Kodak-related news, the prosecutors working on Kodak's sexual assault case are trying to start the trial this summer. As previously reported, the rapper has been ordered to submit blood and saliva samples in the case where he's been charged with criminal sexual assault in the first degree. The rapper's facing 30 years in prison if he's convicted.