Kodak Black has long been known to influence the rap game. While he may not always get the credit he deserves, like for popularizing the term "broccoli" when referring to weed, or being among the first to use the acronym for "WAP", Kodak knows that he's the leading man in a lot of these trends. 

Now that he's out of prison, the Florida-based rapper has been keeping busy. He's been releasing a lot of new music, promising even more, and making a huge imprint on social media. On Monday, the rapper decided to ask for his deserved respect, but it came in a video where he singles out Lil Baby for his lyrics in "Finesse Out The Gang Way".

"I was just listening to my boy Lil Baby's song. He was on my dawg Lil Durk's song. He said, 'Posting money on the 'Gram, I invented that' or some crazy sh*t like that," said Yak. "Stop playing, Lil Baby. This was in 2016. Spread game too nasty."

In the video, Kodak shows a video of him spreading out hundred-dollar bills on his arms and legs five years ago. The trend has started picking up in recent weeks and while Kodak claims he's not being petty or dissing Lil Baby, he says he just wants his credit. "This just a matter of fact! I ain’t dissing nobody, ion even know y’all," he wrote. "I’m just saying and this not to say the respect level ain’t on either side, but you know..."

He clarified that he has no bad blood with Baby, saying, "Before y'all think a n***a being petty, I don't give a f*ck about none of this sh*t, man," he said. "I ain't married to none of these anthems. This sh*t ain't about nothing. I'm really just putting this sh*t out there. Y'all let me have my sh*t, man. Y'all know y'all f*cked up about me. Y'all know I'm a big influence to you n***as. Y'all like putting the respect on my sh*t."

Do you think Kodak Black deserves credit for spreading his money on the 'Gram?