Kodak Black has returned from prison a man possessed. What transpired behind bars is anyone's guess. Upon his return, Kodak swore off sexual intercourse, thereby promising to channel that energy into his craft. Then Paranoia set in, to the point where he became suspicious of the activity taking place in his vicinity. Kodak is all but certain that "culture vultures" are running off with his sound. These concerns weighed heavily on his mind as recently as Friday night, when Kodak was filmed spazzing outside a Hollywood nightclub. The unedited clip is completely up for grabs (down below).

It's hard to make out exactly what Kodak Black is trying to articulate. As TMZ reported, Kodak's tirade became so boisterous that a police officer began trailing his every move. In the end, Kodak left without incident or a booking, but not before gesticulating to every camera in his vicinity. "The realest n**** in the industry, a real n**** from Florida," shouted Kodak as he crouched in front of three cameramen. 

As you can see in the above video, Kodak Black didn't stay in one place for too long, as if he'd tapped into an energy reserve left dormant during his 7-month bid. Hopefully this grudge will help galvanize the potential we've only begun to see intermittently.