StarBoi3's song "D*ck" has been a massive hit ever since it blew up on TikTok at the beginning of the year. One big fan of the song happens to be Kodak Black's son, who was taught a lesson by his father yesterday while one Instagram Live for adding his own lyrics.

In the clip, Kodak confronts his son after he says "I'm getting f***** tonight," instead of the song's "I'm getting ripped tonight." The rapper then takes a moment to talk to his kids about the usage of the term and jokes about sex.

"What did you say? How you getting f***** tonight? By who?" Kodak responded to his son. At this point, the chat in the live was exploding with laughing emojis. His son innocently replied with "By my girlfriend," to which Kodak started laughing. 

At this point, Kodak's fatherly instincts kicked in-- deciding to teach his son a thing or two of what he thinks is the proper way to talk about sex. "[Men] do the f***ing. She getting f***ed tonight," the rapper hilariously said. He then went on to a rudimentary visual description of sex-- moving his hips back and forth while his son and daughter laugh.

Thankfully, he then advises his kids to use condoms. Kodak is definitely and advocate for safe sex. The clip ends with the rapper speaking to concerned viewers. "They already knew this sh*t. I'm just guiding them the right way. I didn't even teach them nothing," he says.

Check out the IG live clip below. Sound off with your thoughts.