Earlier this year, Kodak Black finally came home after being pardoned by Donald Trump during the final days of his presidency, and since then, the Florida rapper has largely stayed out of trouble. However, that hasn't stopped trouble from making its way to him, as there has been both a red-beam scare and a reported attempt on his life since his release from prison.

If those horrifying issues weren't enough, Kodak Black is also still facing charges in his sexual assault case in South Carolina stemming from accusations made against the artist in 2016. According to SCNow, the Bill Israel rapper is reportedly heading back to the state to go to court in Florence County on Wednesday afternoon. 

Details about the nature of his court appearance are currently unknown, but the South Carolina-based news outlet reports that Kodak Black will appear for a hearing before 12th Judicial Circuit Judge Michael Nettles at 2 p.m. Wednesday, and it is speculated to either be the initiation of some sort of a plea agreement between Black and the office of Solicitor Ed Clements III or a meeting to revoke his $100,000 bond. 

For those wondering how his 2016 sexual assault case is still ongoing, SCNow reports that Kodak Black was unable to attend his originally established trial date in April 2019 because he was arrested on charges of possessing a weapon and marijuana at the Canadian border and in May 2019 on federal and state firearms charges. Following his pardon by Donald Trump earlier this week, the case will likely be resolved in some shape or form over the coming months. 

According to SCNowKodak Black may face up to 30 years in prison if he is found guilty of the charges on Wednesday. Stay tuned for updates on Kodak Black's ongoing legal troubles in South Carolina.