Kodak Black has been in jail for a while now although recently, he revealed that he would be home "soon" in order to drop some fresh music for all of his fans. The hip-hop community has been rallying around Kodak over these last few months especially in light of the poor living conditions he has had to face while in jail.

Yesterday, Kodak celebrated his 23rd birthday and to mark the occasion, his lawyer Bradford Cohen sent a lengthy message to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Of course, Kodak is currently incarcerated at a Kentucky prison and Cohen wants to get Paul's attention when it comes to the poor conditions Kodak has been living in. As Cohen notes, Kodak is being denied his religious rights which are supposed to be afforded by law.

Per Bradford Cohen:

"I'm sure, Senator Rand Paul would want to know that a 23 year old (happy bday) is in a max prison some 1100 miles from his family for a paperwork offense. I reviewed his designation paperwork and there were errors on that as well. Why would they put him in Kentucky at a max facility with none of the programs the court recommended, when there are open beds in Florida? He hasn't been afforded his religious rights. He and I have requested that a religious advisor be able to see him, that is afforded by the rules, to no avail. If you call and leave a message...no offensive language, just facts...and requesting him to review."

It's clear that this predicament has been tough for Kodak and his legal team is doing everything they can to improve his situation. Stay tuned for updates on this story as we will bring you all of the latest information.