Kodak Black has been sharing personal updates on his well being for months as he serves the remainder of his sentence in prison on a firearms charge. The star has been transferred to a New York-area correctional facility where he is expected to stay until the COVID-19 pandemic ends, but he has received some good news about his outstanding case.

In a new legal update by his attorney Bradford Cohen, it was announced that Kodak Black's case in NY has been resolved.

"Some good news and some frustration in regards to @kodakblack. The case in New York is resolved. I was not his attorney on that case. Although it should have been completely dismissed, as it was for the other 2 individuals in the same car, who testified that @kodakblack knew nothing about the firearm in the vehicle, and it was registered and legal to one of the other individuals he was with, they agreed to 12 month to run concurrent with his current sentence," wrote Cohen on Instagram.

Kodak Black
Johnny Louis/FilmMagic/Getty Images

"Even the Judge asked the prosecutor why are they not dismissing. @kodakblack just wanted to resolve it so he doesn't lose anytime in federal. You see when you are out of federal custody you lose that time on your federal case."

As for the Florida native's remaining time in prison, his attorney is urging the Bureau of Prisons to address the growing issue that COVID-19 is posing in correctional facilities.

Although this is fairly good news for Kodak Black, the fact that he's still locked up isn't sitting right with any of his fans. 

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