Kodak Black had a stretch of good news come his way after he had multiple charges dropped in his home state before it was determined that an error was made during his sentencing trial for his current prison stint. It was believed that the court would give him an easier time after a mistake was made by the judge, which had placed him at a higher criminal level than he actually is. After reviewing the case though, Kodak's plea for a shorter sentence was officially declined.

A panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals has reviewed the rapper's file and, after doing so, they've rejected his appeal to get out of prison sooner than anticipated. 

Kodak Black
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

In the appeal, Kodak's team of lawyers, including Bradford Cohen, stated that, because he was not actually convicted in a previous robbery case, he should not have been sentenced under the condition that he is a "convicted felon." Several other cases were mentioned but that one held the most weight. 

However, Kodak's "no contest" plea in the case was ruled a conviction, which the judges are using to justify his sentence. 

This means that he is still set to spend a total of 46 months behind bars. Hopefully, that changes soon.

Free Yak.