Last week, Kodak Blackskipped out on one of his shows, allegedly went missing, got arrested, got released from jail, and dyed his hair a bold shade of yellow. It's been a busy week for the Florida-raised rapper with so much to keep track of. Now residing in Calabasas, Kodak got his hair dyed and now, fans are pointing out that he resembled a female member of a famous suburban television family. 

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Kodak went through a major transformation mere days after getting arrested, dyeing his hair yellow and fans are pointing out that instead of looking like a "Super Saiyan," he looks more like Lisa Simpson. The memes have been pouring in over the weekend with a good number of his supporters generally confused as to why he would undergo the hairstyle change. Others have embraced it, praising his new look online and acting combative with his critics. The Simpson comparison was actually happening so frequently that "Lisa Simpson" started trending on Twitter yesterday according to XXL.

When folks looked up the reason why Lisa was trending, many left disappointed, not expecting to see Kodak Black's mug in the attached photos. What do you think of Kodak's new hair? Is it a hit or a total miss?