As a member of Lil Yachty's Sailing Team, Kodie Shane gained notoriety early in her career. Atlanta is her home and she's quickly risen to become one of the most exciting young rappers from the hub. A proud member of the LGBT community, Kodie Shane is one of a few rappers to openly embrace their sexuality. She just released her debut album Young HeartThrob last week with features from Trippie Redd and TK Kravitz, which many are still digesting. The young artist has been through everything at this point and she detailed the time she was almost booed off stage at a 21 Savage concert. 

Atlanta was the first city to fully embrace Kodie Shane's talent but they were also the first to stick up their middle fingers at her. She told BET about the time she was almost booed off stage while opening for 21 Savage, saying, "It was in Atlanta, I can't remember what year. Maybe 2016? 21 Savage had a show - this was before he was like super lit. His crowd is a bunch of like, mean kids that are living through him." She went on to say that people were throwing up their middle fingers, to which she just ignored them and kept going. "I just kept on performing," she said. "Counting the seconds in my head, trying to just get through it. You can't just be like, 'I'm out!' It might be like 3 people out there that were like, 'That was good.'"

A true professional, Kodie Shane stuck around through the disrespect and she's continued to rise as an artist. Check out her new album here and watch the interview below.