According to TMZ, hip-hop legend Kool G Rap was booked on the premise that he'd stolen a pair of expensive sneakers. In June, the former Juice Crew rapper was ordered to appear in court back with a plausible chance of success. The court was presented with the testimony of a Pennsylvanian Finish Line store describing "an African-American male in his 40's" as the culprit of theft: a pair of glossy Nike LeBron 15s.

Kool G Rap, who ostensibly fits the loose description (cough) made by the store employee, was chased down into the mall's parking lot by another clerk, who noted Kool G Rap's license plate and registration number. The same clerk then proceeded to alert the cops. Soon after, seemingly out of nowhere, Kool G Rap was charged with misdemeanor theft.

The controversial part of this story right before the booking. According to Kool G Rap's lawyers, the arresting officers never reviewed the store surveillance footage before building their case. If they had, they would have known first hand that Kool G Rap never once stepped foot in the store. The loose description of "an African-American male in his 40's" was all the information they needed to proceed with their police work. As you might expect, Kool G Rap and his lawyers are readying a massive lawsuit against Finish Line. More on that later.