KR Snaps On "Real Talk"

Milca P.
December 03, 2017 19:40

It's time to start paying attention to KR.

KR may be better known for his "smooth operator"-type sound. He knows how to speak to the ladies, and often finds himself in that sweet spot bordering Hip-Hop and R&B. But, in his latest offering, he absolutely snaps.


This time around, the only metaphors are spewed toward naysayers and critics, and instead of baring it all when it comes to his shortcomings in relationship, he keeps it all the way one hundred on his strengths when it comes to this rap thing as the West Coast emcee declares his intent proving everyone wrong, and boy, can he back it up.

"Lot of n*ggas say they ball, but they ain't even hold the ball right / They try to get me by telling business on blog sites / I'm a player, what the fuck do that mean / You're with the girl on Instagram, I'm with the girl of your dreams," he spits on the Dinuzzo-produced track.

"Although I'm just getting started, and I have a long way to go, I used that record as a method to release a lot of things that were on my mind that frustrated me about the music business in general," he says of "Real Talk." "But over time, I'm starting to realize that it all comes with the territory."

Catch the new clip, directed by Stacking Memories.

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