We're not sure how it started, but Kreayshawn and her one-time hit single "Gucci Gucci" have been trending on twitter over the past 24 hours. Back in 2011, Kreayshawn was one of the first viral or internet-fostered artists, in the sense that, whenever you went online, you were bound to see her face/hear her song. She quickly signed a major label deal after the success of "Gucci Gucci"-- it racked up three million views on YouTube in three weeks.

Ahead of the disparaging remarks that would befall mumble rappers, Kreayshawn had her own array of haters to contend with and perhaps dealt with the first onslaught of such internet hate. She seemed to breed controversy in her heyday, which extended to her friends in her White Girl Mob. Do you remember V-NastyThe white girl friend of Kreayshawn who was constantly saying the n-word, and would go on to do a collaborative project with Gucci Mane in one of GuWop's more questionable co-sign moments.

kreayshawn gucci gucci

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

All this to say, Kreayshawn's career sort of petered out after her major label deal. She dropped her debut album in 2012, Something Bout Kreay, which sold a measly 3,502 copies upon its release. Thus perhaps it's not surprising to find out she's in debt to her label for $800,000. Because label advances aren't free (!) despite appearances.

Following "Gucci Gucci" resurfacing as a trend on twitter, Kreayshawn addressed the record and her insurmountable debt. At first, she asked fans not stream the single, since she gets approximately zero dollars from it-- but then she thought better of it, and encouraged her followers to stream it, in an effort to shave off some of her major label debt.

Let this be a cautionary tale to any bubbling rapper who dares to take an advance from a major label.

Will you be going to stream "Gucci Gucci" now to help Kreayshawn out? Let us know.