Two nights before election day, Kris Jenner made sure to make her affiliations absolutely clear. Speaking through the Twitter airwaves, the Kardashian matriarch tweeted her support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton via two tweets. The first featuring a selfie of Kris and Hillary reads: "Like all American families we know that we are Stronger Together. Our country needs love not hate..."

Kris followed that tweet up with confirmation that the entire family stands together: "And that is why all of us are voting for Hillary Clinton. If you vote... love wins. Please vote. You need to vote. #imwithher." See those tweets below.

Kim Kardashian already confirmed her allegiance to Hillary in a blog post, so there's no surprises there. We're guessing though that Kris's claim of "all of us" voting for Clinton doesn't include her ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner is one of the GOP's most unlikely supporters, and she actually spoke to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this past July. See the video of her speech at the RNC below.