Kris Jenner stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden this week, and the Kardashian matriarch participated in a game called  “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” As the name suggests, the premise of the game is to answer a personal question, or eat disgusting food. Think of it like, "Truth or Dare" meets Fear Factor. Jenner was allowed to ask first, and she questioned Corden on why he never featured Kanye West on his Carpool Karaoke show. Corden then admits that Kanye has canceled a number of times. He recalled an incident where he pulled up to Kanye's house and got the phone call that the rapper was flaking just as he arrived. "He did send me a lovely gift," explained Corden, claiming that Kanye apologized via a present. "Incredible flowers, in a cube, a cube of flowers, which I'd never seen before. And he sent me a pair of Yeezys... and people were like 'whoa they're so expensive,' and I was like, 'yeah, they cost my show $45,000.'" 

After a round or two, Corden placed a bowl of crickets in front of Jenner and asked her about the big ring she's been sporting recently. "You've been spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on your wedding finger. Are you and Corey Gamble engaged?" asked Corden. "No, I'm not going to answer," states Jenner as she picks through the bowl of crickets. The camera then cuts to Gamble, who is sporting a wide smile while rocking a bright orange long sleeve tee from Kanye's ye Wyoming release party. Jenner opts to eat the cricket instead of answering the question.