Likely one of the most successful managers in entertainment history, Kris Jenner has transformed her daughters from regular people to absolute stars. Each of the Kardashians has achieved significant heights in their careers thanks to the help of their mother. Love them or hate them, you have to respect Kris Jenner's hustle to keep the world talking about her family. If things quiet down, Kim & Co. will be right back in the news the next day. While not entirely old enough to groom them into entertainment industry tycoons, Kris' nine grandchildren each have larger-than-life personalities. Kanye and Kim's firstborn North West has been featured all over Kim's social media accounts, revealing how funny the four-year-old is.

Quite the sassy child, North was not impressed when her grandmother dropped her off at school with a peculiar hairstyle. The Kardashians have been known to experiment with their hair colors with blonde being a favorite for them when they want to switch things up and Kris went exactly in that direction, rocking a blonde wig as she dropped North off at preschool. According to Daily Mail, the school was having "crazy hair day," and Kris decided to join in. "I wore a blonde wig - thinking I'd be the cool grandma, you know. North was rolling her eyes, probably mortified that her grandmother wore a blonde wig. It was so funny," said the famous "momager" about her experience yesterday.

Ever the personality, Nori was clearly not impressed. Both of her parents have been hard at work, Kim attempting to free Alice Marie Johnson from prison and Kanye with new music, releasing his eighth solo album ye today. Read more here.