Shams Charania‏, a key contributor for The Athletic and Stadium, was among the first credible sources to confirm a bust-up occurring in Kristap Porzingis' hometown in Latvia. A video depicting the Mavericks' big was the subject of a video circulating the net today. As you'll see (below), Porzingis is seemingly accosted by a group of individuals, leaving him with a cut under his eye and a ripped shirt.

According to Charania, the Dallas Mavericks are already investigating the alleged incident. Their understanding of the situation is that Porzingis was jumped by unknown aggressors, then bludgeoned him with blunt objects right outside a local club.

ESPN's Tim MacMahon has since confirmed that Porzingis was not the aggressor in the situation, but once he fought back, the group fired back with inanimate objects they took from the club. Venue security is then said to have rushed the scene, breaking up the melee at once. 

Neither Porzingis or his reps have made themselves available for comment in the direct aftermath of the incident. The Mavs forward has been a magnet for controversy ever since he departed from NY. In late March, Kristaps was accused of rape by a woman that lived in his previous tenement. That investigation is still ongoing.