Kristaps Porzingis kind of holds the cards in New York Knicks. Ownership would like to add pieces via Free Agency but the team needs rise to a semi-competitive level before it gets to that point. So Kristaps needs TLC more than anything right now, given the timetable post-surgery is going just as planned. The Knicks is taking advantage of his two-month layoff by visiting Ibiza on a private yacht, in the company of a mystery blonde. His athletic but ultimately lanky frame is no match for her hourglass figure. Watch her give a thumbs up to boarding party. The pictures are made available via TMZ, who else?

Who knows how long this naval excursion could last? It seems to like Porzingis' boat is livable and if they run out of supplies, they are one rope tie away from bedlam. They might even hit the Baltic Sea, and meet his mum in Liepāja. The fact that he's jumping feet first into the water is a good sign itself.

Apparently Porzingis has been rehabbing at Real Madrid's training facility while in Europe. The widely reported rumor that Kristaps is being offered to the San Antonio Spurs in exchange of Kawhi Leonard hinges on his full recovery. The rumor states the only thing blocking a deal is the inclusion of rookie guard Frank Ntilikina, whom the Knicks are reluctant to trade.

Party on KP, for the good of the New York Knickerbockers.