Logan Paul vs KSI in a grudge match, nothing screams broheim like a dust-up between two archetypal douchebags. The two vloggers who have 40 million subscribers between have resorted to settling their differences in square circle among a crowded lineup of "celebrity" boxers. The main event kicks off at 9:30 in the United Kingdom which is roughly 45 minutes from now and will be streamed live from Manchester Arena, a venue that holds 21,000 spectators at full capacity.

KSI, whose legal name is Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji, fought another fellow YouTuber Joe Weller in front of 7,500 spectators in a fight that's been streamed well over 14 million times since February. His tilt with Logan Paul has opened up an even wider audience to his antics, and a bigger venue to measure up to those expectations. Like any other well-promoted boxing duel, the two vloggers have cultivated lots of tension on social media in the months leading up to the fight. KSI for one, was tweeting @ Logan Paul literally hours before the dress rehearsal. 

Bookmakers have lodged over 250,000 bets over the fight alone. Both participants are expected several million dollars apiece for completing their end of the bargain. Viewers in the UK will be asked to pay £7.50 to unlock the YouTube livestream. Will you tune in?