Last week, we reported on the legendary Kurtis Blow announcing he would be undergoing a precarious surgery at the UCLA Medical Center. The latter was to care for a hematoma the rapper experienced following a recent trip to China. The condition resulted in the musician’s critical need for an aortic artery repair procedure. Shortly afterward, Blow seemed cheerful and well in recovery mode, sharing with his Instagram followers through a photo and caption that he was well on his “way to a full recovery 100%” and was thankful for everyone’s prayers in the matter.

Unfortunately, new reports by AllHipHop now indicate a worrisome update on the situation. Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons reported on the status of Kurtis by announcing the OG was called onto a second emergency open heart surgery and requesting prayers from all. Furthermore, Simmons shared an additional update in reference to the Kurtis Blow “Update from his wife Shirley “Kurtis’s heart is beating on its own. They are closing should finished closing in less than 2 hours. Glory to God Glory to God hallelujah hallelujah.”

In the meantime, we wish the legendary Kurtis Blow both a problem-free and speedy recovery in the time being.