Nobody could have predicted the way Kwame Brown burst back into relevance this year, calling out the people that have criticized him for the last few years with multiple heated rants in his car. The former NBA player has stepped on the necks of Charlamagne Tha God, Stephen A. Smith, Jemele Hill, Matt Barnes, and many others this week with rants that have earned reactionary comments from thousands of sports fans that were delighted to see Kwame going off after all these years.

As the 39-year-old former Laker continues to battle his critics to reclaim his legacy, Kwame Brown has officially taken aim at famous side chicks who expose the men they're sleeping with -- AKA Celina Powell, Sydney Chase, and their gaggle of girlfriends -- for tearing down Black men who are trying to build something better for themselves.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

"You ain't said shit about Bill Gates. Y'all don't chase him around," started Kwame, referring to the cheating scandal involving the multi-billionaire. "And some of you women got to stop being complicit and telling every goddamn thing. Bitch, you know you a ho and you slinging that p***y. Shut your goddamn mouth. This n***a's a great man, you slinging that p***y, shut up! Ain't nobody force you in the goddamn room. If he did, call the police! But if not, shut your goddamn mouth. You're tearing down Black men that's building. Bill Gates got to build every goddamn computer he wanted to build and have a side bitch and his white woman ain't said a motherf*cking thing. And they got a nice little divorce that they're gonna part ways and they're still f*cking building. But see, when your focus ain't on building nothing and your focus ain't on having nothing, you'll attach yourself to somebody and tear them down faster than anything."

Many people seem to be lowkey agreeing with his comments on social media. What do you think about Kwame Brown's latest rant?