From Death Row to Slaughterhouse, KXNG Crooked has established himself as a leading authority on hip-hop culture. Now, with a new phone on deck, Crook has vowed to keep in touch with his fans, talking rap at any occasion.

"How many of ya'll seen that interview with Sway?" asks KXNG Crooked, as he watches part one of the Kamikaze interview. A cultural purist through and through, KXNG Crooked pays respect to the man, myth, and legend Sway Calloway, dubbing him the greatest hip-hop journalist of all time. A high honor to be sure, and one Sway has earned throughout his storied career. Citing Sway and Tech's "Wake Up Show," Crooked reflects on hearing Eminem, Biggie, and Pac on the radio for the first time. Respect to Sway, a real one through and through.

"Now, part one is like a teaser," says Crooked. "But the look on his face is he's about to expose his feelings. I kinda know some of the stuff that's already been said. I got the inside scoop, I had to go and make phone calls. I think this is the first time Em has been so out there with it." He proceeds to praise Em for speaking his mind, given Em's previous penchant for mystery. 

When a viewer asks who would emerge victorious in a battle between Joe or Em, Crook ponders for a moment. "It'd be a tougher battle than people think," says Crooked. "Joe, he knows how to put his words together. He knows how to express himself." Crook also takes a moment to address Lord Jamar, who brushed off Em's criticism with even more scorn. "If you a real fan of hip-hop, it's like there's a war on truth," says Crook. "There's no way you can honestly say Em don't have content."