With Eminem having recently closed the chapter of his Lord Jamar feud thanks to the diplomatic measures of Royce Da 5'9", it appeared as if Slim was looking to give his sh*t-list an annual clean-up. And while he has previously exchanged shots with Machine Gun Kelly, Joe Budden, and Nick Cannon, those beefs appeared to have died down entirely, save for the expected lingering animosity that tends to follow hurled insults. 


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

At 47, it's entirely possible that Em has grown weary of conflict, tough as it may be for some of his fans to stomach. Case in point, Royce was hit with backlash upon connecting with Nick Cannon, with many (including Bizarre of D12) seeming to feel that it was a betrayal to his Bad Meets Evil partner. It swiftly began to spread like wildfire, and before long there were a handful of incensed Stans calling for Royce's head. It got so bad that KXNG Crooked found himself stepping forward to clear the air, addressing one Twitter user who inquired about Royce seemingly fraternizing with "the enemy."

"They’re not enemies," declares Crook, speaking on Cannon and Em. "It’s over." While he doesn't elaborate any further than that, it seems entirely possible that Royce helped facilitate a peace treaty between Eminem and Cannon behind the scenes -- not unlike the work he did in mediating the situation with Lord Jamar. Perhaps, rather than questioning Royce's judgment in meeting with Cannon, the wiser course is to look at the facts.

Throughout the past few years, Royce has never failed to come to Eminem's defense, even if it meant putting him in an awkward position with a Slaughterhouse group mate. Perhaps he and Cannon will address the Eminem situation when their conversation surfaces in full -- in the meantime, perhaps it's time to consider the Eminem and Nick Cannon beef officially squashed.