Whenever a spirited hip-hop debate kicks off across social media, it often begets another equally spirited debate. For example -- Snoop Dogg omitting Eminem from his Top 10 list has since transformed into the overall impact that Dr. Dre can have on an artistic career. As he tends to do, KXNG Crooked lent his authoritative voice to the discussion, providing a brief breakdown as to what the good Doctor can bring to the table. 

Dr. Dre

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Image

One thing should be established: many Stans have taken the claim that Dre "made" Eminem in a negative light, though Eminem himself would likely admit the very same. In fact, he basically did on "I Need A Doctor," which found him penning a brutally honest reflection on his relationship with his longtime musical mentor. Still, the notion that Dre helped shape him into the artist he is today should never be seen as a slight, but rather an affirmation that musical chemistry, shared vision, and trust can yield greatness. 

In any case, Crook fielded one fan's take that "all Dre did was provide a platform," arguing that the Doc never produced "another prodigy" since. "Dre did more than just provide a platform," explains Crook. "Way more.. and he did it for both Snoop and Em. 50 and Kendrick also benefited from Dre’s name, status, longevity and talent." While he doesn't go in-depth on the matter, it's clear he's alluding to all the intangibles Dre brings to the table, especially in a studio setting. Where do you think Eminem learned to mix the way he does?

Check out Crook's breakdown below, and sound off -- do you think Dr. Dre is the most important artist in hip-hop history?