This offseason is going to be a very interesting one for the Los Angeles Lakers and they will have to make some big decisions regarding their role players. Guys like Dennis Schroder are up for new contracts while other players like Kyle Kuzma could very well end up as part of a trade package for other stars. There is no telling what the Lakers will do, although there are some rumors that they want to look at guys like Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, and maybe even Damian Lillard if he becomes available.

As for Schroder and Kuzma, some new information has surfaced that could very well prove to be a factor when the Lakers go to make their offseason moves.

Kyle Kuzma & Dennis Schroder

Harry How/Getty Images

According to Jordan Schultz of ESPN, Kuzma and Schroder had a longstanding feud throughout the entire season and never really got along. Eventually, things got infinitely worse during the first round of the NBA playoffs as the Lakers lost to the Phoenix Suns in six games. With AD out of the lineup, Kuzma and Schroder needed to do more on offense and the chemistry just simply wasn't there.

This is news that the Lakers are probably already well-aware of, and with the draft just a few weeks away, there is no doubt the team will be taking every little detail into consideration. 

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