Skip Bayless hates LeBron James and everyone pretty well knows it right now. No matter what LeBron does, Skip is going to come after him for it, and that is exactly what happened this past week. After some sort of Ruffles advertisement surfaced on television, Bayless tried to come after LeBron for taking too long of a vacation, noting that he needs to stop eating chips all the time.

"Hey, Bron: You'd better lay off the flamin' hot cheddar & sour cream Ruffles. The older you get, the harder it gets to get back in shape. You just took SIX WEEKS off. Today was your first day back in your LA gym. Recommit!" Bayless wrote.

This is the kind of insult that got the attention of Kyle Kuzma, who found this entire thing to be pretty hilarious. In fact, the former Laker essentially called Bayless a nut job, however, he seemed to be doing it in good humor.

"This guy is next level nuts," Kuzma wrote with a three laughing-crying emojis. Kuzma knows just how hard LeBron works, so it makes Bayless' tweet that much more insane in his eyes.

If LeBron and the Lakers have a bounce back season next year, then it is clear that Bayless will have to eat crow.