The Lonzo Ball trolling, at least where Kyle Kuzma's Twitter feed is concerned, is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

Late last week, the Los Angeles Lakers forward dragged the Big Baller Brand mascot for his hairstyle, using Snapchat to rip Ball's current cut. Now, Kuzma is taking things a step further and clowning the point guard over his most recent TV excursion, showing off his acting chops during a recent episode of Fuller House.

According to Uproxx, the most scrutinized rookie in this year's NBA class was spotted on the season finale of the Full House sequel, hanging with the well-known cast members and partaking in some, shall we say, interestingly written dialogue. While the embedded clip from the show has been taken off of Twitter, Lonzo was portrayed as a man who, when he comes over to your house, puts his bare feet up on your coffee table and berates you into taking him on in a push-up contest. 

Kuzma wasn't going to let this transgression go unnoticed online, telling his pal and teammate that he was "weak" after watching the Fuller House footage. While the oversaturation of Lonzo in the entertainment sphere shouldn't surprise anyone, the Lakers guard continues to put forth a wholly awkward energy when it comes to his public persona. However, with his father LaVar seemingly at the controls most of the time, don't expect the Lonzo TV appearances to die down anytime soon.

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