Kyle Kuzma has been a key piece to the Los Angeles Lakers puzzle over the last couple of years although he is constantly subjected to trade rumors. Whenever the Lakers try to create a trade package, teams demand they get Kuzma or nothing will get done. The Lakers have been stubborn when it comes to keeping Kuzma and during the trade deadline yesterday, the team opted out of a trade with the New York Knicks for Marcus Morris. Of course, this is because the Knicks wanted Kuzma but the Lakers didn't want to give him up.

According to Ryan Ward of Clutch Points, Kuzma gave an interesting answer when asked about not being traded and whether or not he feels like there is more pressure for him to succeed.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

“Nope,” Kuzma replied. “Just play my role. Come in, play with energy. Crash the boards every time. When I get the ball, just make the best of it. There’s no pressure. The media people they may try to make those extra pressures on you, but I trust my teammates, and I trust what we got going on here. I’m just trying to play my role.”

Kuzma and the Lakers currently sit at a record of 38-12 and are first place in the entire Western Conference. If Kuzma becomes more consistent and the Lakers maintain their play, they will certainly be favorites to win the championship.