This season is unlike any other in NBA history. Of course, the league had to deal with COVID-19 last season, although that was only for just a couple of months in the bubble. Now, the league has to go a whole season with COVID and as a result, there are no fans in the stands. This has led to a particular atmosphere that the players have yet to acclimate to.

Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers believes that this atmosphere makes playoff seeding useless. As he explained, home-court advantage is no longer a factor this season, and he feels like that no matter where the Lakers finish in the standings, they will be poised for a deep run.

“I don’t really know that’s it’s as imperative as past years,” Kuzma said. “There’s not really a homecourt advantage and regardless, before you get to the Finals, you’re going to play the Clippers or the Jazz, or you’re going to play somebody that’s up there. It doesn’t really matter too much. ‘Bron was a four seed in his last year in Cleveland and went to the Finals. It doesn’t matter.”

These comments come after a mini losing streak by the Lakers, who have been having a hard time in light of Anthony Davis's absence. While Kuzma might be right, his hypothesis will come tumbling down if the league starts letting a large number of fans back in the arena. 

Kyle Kuzma

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images