Since winning the NBA championship back in October, numerous players on the Los Angeles Lakers have been celebrating on their own time. Of course, with the pandemic, the team couldn't hold a formal parade which forced players to find their own way of commemorating their big win. Some players decided to celebrate the win by copping themselves some lavish gifts. As it turns out, Anthony Davis was one of those players. 

This was revealed in the Instagram story below, where Kyle Kuzma can be seen roasting AD for what appears to be a brand new Rolls Royce. Kuzma begins filming AD in the car, which seems to annoy Davis at first. Once Kuzma starts cracking jokes, AD eventually joins in on the fun.

“Look at this car! You acting different. You win one championship and you don’t know how to act," Kuzma said jokingly. Recently, Davis signed a five-year deal worth $190 million, which means he can easily afford these types of luxury items. Of course, considering how he played last season, it's well-deserved and AD has every right to get himself a little gift right before the holidays.

As for Kuzma and his current contract situation, he and the Lakers are taking things slowly as they figure out what is the right option for both sides. If Kuzma proves his worth this season, then perhaps Kuzma will be able to buy himself the same car as Davis.

Anthony Davis

Harry How/Getty Images