Kyle Kuzma plays for the Los Angeles Lakers which means he has a lot of famous women attending his games. Kuzma has been known to engage in some light flirting with these girls, particularly Vanessa Hudgens who he went on a few dates with a couple of months ago. Now, Kuz is on quarantine like the rest of us and is starting to get into the world of TikTok. One of the platform's biggest stars is none other than Addison Rae who was the subject of The Kid Laroi's latest namesake song.

In the video below, Kuzma took to TikTok while dancing to this very song in what can only be described as a way for the Lakers player to shoot his shot at Rae. We have no idea whether or not the TikTok star saw Kuzma's video but we do know that NBA fans saw it and as you can imagine, Kuzma got some well-deserved flack for it.

Perhaps Kuzma's efforts will finally go noticed by Rae although even if they were, it's not like they could do anything considering we are all under a very strict quarantine due to the Coronavirus.

Kuzma will most likely be shifting his focus to other things, for this very reason.