Kyle Lowry's physique has been talked about quite a bit over the years. There is one part of his body that always seems to get meme'd on social media, although we don't really have to get into that right now. Having said that, there have been times when Lowry's conditioning has been brought into question. He has oftentimes carried a bit of extra weight and this has concerned some members of the Heat.

Recently, Pat Riley came out and straight up said that Lowry needs to get in better shape and lose a bit of weight heading into the next season. Lowry has been floated in trade rumors as of late, but it's clear that the star is committed to showing people that he can get his physique in the right place.

Kyle LowryAndy Lyons/Getty Images

In the image down below, you can see exactly how Lowry has changed himself throughout the offseason. Lowry seems to be flexing his biceps here, and he is definitely more shredded than he used to be. His weight seems to have cut down significantly, and if you're a Heat fan, you cannot help but be excited about this prospect. The Heat are already a good team, and with Lowry in better shape, they will be that much more dangerous.

Lowry already has an NBA title to his name, so it is clear that he knows how to win. As for Pat Riley, we're sure he's happy with his point guards progress.