Yesterday was the NBA trade deadline and it felt like every single NBA fan was looking at the Toronto Raptors and whether or not Kyle Lowry would be traded. Lowry rumors had been circulating for quite some time and many believed that the Raptors would look to make a move given the fact that Lowry is a free agent in the offseason and would most likely sign somewhere else. 

Teams like the Lakers and the Heat had some offers for the Raptors but in the end, the team decided to hold onto their franchise point guard. The trade deadline was also Lowry's birthday, and following the mess, he took to Instagram with some thank yous for all of the fans who wished him well on his special day. He also noted that his experience yesterday was a crazy one, but he appreciates all of the support.

"Today was a crazy day but the love I got from everyone has been amazing thank you all for making it known I’m loved and for all the birthday wishes," Lowry wrote.

Raptors fans were rejoicing yesterday when news broke that Lowry was going to stay and it's easy to see why. He is easily the most important player in the history of that franchise, and when all is said and done, his jersey will be hung in the rafters in Toronto.

Kyle Lowry

Elsa/Getty Images