After finishing with a record of 3-13 last season, the Arizona Cardinals have been blessed with the first overall pick in this year's NFL draft. While there are no guarantees that the first player selected will have a good career, the chances are definitely higher. Sure the Cardinals must be happy to be selecting first, but that choice comes with a lot of pressure. Quite simply, the future of the franchise depends on it. Last season, the Cardinals drafted quarterback Josh Rosen and so far it hasn't worked out. While a new head coach is in place with Kliff Kingsbury, it seems as though the Cardinals are already looking at another quarterback in Kyler Murray.

According to ESPN, Murray will be meeting with the Cardinals today, although there is no word yet on what exactly they'll be discussing. Murray isn't projected to go first overall, but in the past, Kingsbury has stated that he'd draft the QB with the first pick if given the chance. Of course, these comments were made while Kingsbury was a coach at Texas Tech but regardless, they hold some weight today.

Murray won the Heisman Trophy this season after a fantastic 2018 campaign with the Oklahoma Sooners. He also had a contract with the Oakland A's of Major League Baseball but chose to pursue football instead.