Nothing grinds parents' gears more than being called by their first names. It's often seen as the ultimate marker of disrespect when a child eschews traditional terms of endearment to call their creators by their sterile government titles. Kylie Jenner is drawing a prominent line in the sand so her 2-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, doesn't get accustomed to that practice. 

On her Instagram Story, Kylie showed little Stormi circling her feet as she repeatedly says "Hi Kylie!" While Stormi was obviously just being adorable and excitedly playing with whatever words have been added to her repertoire, Kylie insisted on correcting her daughter. "That's not my name. My name's mommy." Stormi would not be deterred, though. She kept things on a first-name basis, but how could you be irritated when looking down at that face?

Last weekend, Kylie and Travis Scott threw their daughter what was likely the most extravagant 2nd birthday party in history. Following the "Stormi World" theme - riffing on her daddy's 2018 album - the event had amusement park rides, a gift shop for custom merch and loads of other Stormi memorabilia. While many were impressed and made envious by the scale of the festivities, others were disturbed by some of the decor choices