It would be too easy for me to insinuate that Kylie Jenner's business model plagiarizes Rihanna on a note-for-note basis. In reality, Kylie Jenner has her own agenda, and I'll leave it at that. The only thing standing between Kylie Jenner launching her new line of skincare products and a paystub is some disclaimer marking it official. But that's not how the Jenner's go about their business do they? Kylie and half-sister Kim Kardashian never opt for a press release as the first order of business, because their social media outreach far outweighs anything a Publicist could possibly contribute in a lesser position. 

So without further ado, KYLIE SKIN by Kylie Jenner was announced this afternoon via the socialite's personal Instagram account, by which, she's managed to speed up to the finish line before Rihanna could unveil the "Fenty Skin" imprint she submitted to the patent bureau. KYLIE SKIN promises to be "cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, paraben and sulfate free and suitable for all skintypes, as she outlined in the titangraph she tacked onto the post. Near the bottom of her write-up she revealed two other factoid: 1. a speculative launch date of May 2022, 2. a hyperlink to a newly-minted "kylieskin" Insta page that already boasts somewhere in the region of 172,000 followers.