Barely a day goes by when Kylie Jenner isn't in the headlines. And she's been cashing in on every bit of publicity. The 19-year-old model/designer/businesswoman is moving up the ranks within her superstar family. Based on her 2016 income, she is estimated to be the second-highest earner in the Kardashian clan, second to only her half-sister, Kim Kardashian, who remains indomitable among all reality stars. 

Kylie's cosmetic line, specifically her wildly successful lip kits, played a huge role in her skyrocketing wealth, reports Forbes as part of its 30 Under 30 coverage. She may not have been born with those luscious lips, but wow have they paid off. 

Now the new report doesn't reveal her exact earnings for the entire year, though according to an earlier report, Forbes estimated that Kylie racked up around $18 million in the period from June 2015 to June 2016, putting her just ahead of her 21-year-old sister Kendall, who earned a reported $17 million in the same timeframe. Kylie's millions still pale in to the $51 million earned by Kim in that one-year span, though she's got plenty of years to catch up. 

Elsewhere in the fam, Khloe ranked 4th with $15 million, and Big Rob, unsurprisingly, came in last place. But hey, I'd gladly take $2 million to binge on Eggos and knock up Blac Chyna.