When rapper Tyga started hanging around Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian family, the outside world found it all pretty strange. When they first went public with their romantic relationship, Tyga was 25-years-old and Kylie was 17-years-old. No matter how mature she was for her age, she was still a teenager. Rightfully, people were pretty enraged about their relationship.

Fast-forward to today and they're no longer together. Kylie is in a co-parenting relationship with rapper Travis Scott, with whom she is currently in an open relationship. Travis never made any major appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the show that brought Kylie to billionaire status, but Tyga sure was. On the reunion episode with Andy Cohen following the series' end, Kylie was asked about her relationship with Tyga, answering that she's no longer close with the rapper.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"We're not friends, but we are okay," said Kylie about Tyga. "If I see him out or run into him anywhere, I always wish him well. I have no bad feelings toward him."

She was also asked why Travis Scott wasn't featured on the show, to which she answered that there were times he requested not to be filmed. One major storyline that was skipped in real-time was Kylie's pregnancy, which never made it to air. The socialite kept her pregnancy a secret from the world, revealing that she stayed home for much of it, never leaving the house because paparazzi were outside in helicopters, capturing her every move.

Watch her answer questions about Tyga, Travis, and her pregnancy below.