While we get some photos and videos of Stormi here and there, some are still left curious what the kid is really like. Many believe that kids' personalities start to shine as early as when they are toddlers and that's probably why Ellen Degeneres asked Kylie about whether one-year-old Stormi appears to be taking more after her or her father, Travis Scott

"She's the perfect mixture of both of us," Kylie responded. "She's definitely a little rager. She loves music." For those who don't know, calling her daughter a "rager" is definitely a reference to what Travis calls his fans, often hyping them before shows by asking "who is ready to rage?". Given the rager tendencies and the musical affinity, it appears Stormi is inheriting more characteristics from her father. Kylie, along with her mother Kris, also told Ellen in her interview that Stormi was backstage dancing while she watched the audience dancing on the TV. 

Ellen was also curious about Kylie recently being deemed a billionaire. Since Kylie is the first in the Kardashian-Jenner clan to attain this title, Ellen wondered whether this shifted the sibling dynamics between the sisters at all. Kylie confessed that, at times, her sisters tragically pester her over whether she'll be the one covering the expenses for their family getaways. 

For a deeper look into the lives of Travis, Kylie and Stormi, you can either watch Travis' new Netflix documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly, or catch the season 17 premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians tonight on E!.