Kylie Jenner is known for appearances on reality television, but it's her makeup line that could lead to the world seeing her in a new way - behind the wheel of a food truck-like vehicle.

According to TMZ, the young Kardashian family member is in the process of getting trademarks approved for Kylie Truck and Kylie Jenner Truck, with reports that she'll be selling items from her cosmetics line out of the vehicles in and around the streets of Los Angeles and, after that, potentially in other cities as well. 

There's no word on whether or not she'll be making a ton of appearances in the trucks, interacting with her fans and customers, or if she'll prefer to take a more hands-off approach to the whole endeavor. One thing, though, remains certain: when it comes to have her brand literally on the streets where people can see it, Kylie's definitely got a unique-sounding strategy. 

This isn't a new idea for the cosmetics maven, who has opened up several pop-up shops for fans in time for the holidays, a trend that has spread throughout pop culture like wildfire after originating in hip-hop culture, with guys like Tyler, The Creator being one of the first big names to adopt the idea of topshops as part of their brand. If Kylie's trucks begin to crash unsuspecting neighborhoods at all hours of the day, they have the potential to set a new trend in the fashion world as a whole.

In other Kylie news, the much-talked about pregnancy rumors continue to dog the young starlet yet, amazingly, haven't been confirmed one way or the other. The only indication that things were progressing with Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott starting a family was when she hosted a lavish baby shower at her home in Los Angeles, one day after sister Kim Kardashian held an elegant gathering the celebrate the arrival of her and Kanye's third child, which is expected to be born in a couple of months.

While the tabloids wait with bated breath for more news from the Kylie-Travis camp, her silence will only continue to fuel the rumors that she's indeed having Travis Scott's baby. Future cosmetics truck supervisor perhaps?