According to multiple sources including  SportsNet New York writer Anthony Puccio and NY Post reporter Brian Lewis, Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets have mutual interest. According to Lewis, the Nets organization strongly believes that a backcourt of D'Angelo Russell and Kyrie Irving can not only co-exist, but thrive if put into motion this offseason.

Ever since Lewis laid the foundation, Puccio's SNY went digging for broader coverage, in the hopes of beating out the NY Post for editorial coverage. Stephen A. Smith has adamantly, for months on end, that Kyrie and Durant to the Knicks was a "done deal" based on his findings. Could it be that Puccio and Lewis are simply stirring the pot, or rather is ESPN's Smith just a wishful thinker like every other Knicks fan? 

If Kyrie were to leave Boston (all but likely) for Brooklyn, he'd be in a good position inherit a vacant leadership within the team. The Nets took strides towards the upper echelon with a 42-40 record, a far cry from the sub .500 records they've posted in recent campaigns. It's also worth noting that Kyrie grew up in New Jersey, the Nets' home base between 1976 (ABA-NBA merger) and their relocation in 2012.

Does a D'Angelo Russell, Harris, Kyrie, Jarrett Allen core strike into your heart? Would the invaluable Spencer Dinwiddie have to make way for an incoming Irving? Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below this write-up.