Kyrie Irving and Chantel Jeffries may be in the middle of a summer romance according to new photos. TMZ caught the couple out on what appeared to be a movie date in Westwood, California on Monday. The Boston Celtics basketball player and the 24-year-old model/DJ hit up the iPic movie theatre to catch Incredibles 2. That particular theatre is known for its boujee attire with a wait staff, full bar and kitchen menu that offers service while you're watching the movie.

The duo was reportedly spotted out in New York earlier this month but wasn't holding hands like they were during their recent movie date. Check out the photos here

As we know, Chantel was previously linked to dating Justin Bieber and Kyrie was previously linked to Kehlani. Just recently Kyrie shared a lengthy apology on Instagram to his ex-girlfriend. When the couple broke up fans everywhere were sure she cheated on Kyrie and it turned into a lot of hateful messages and threats online that ended with Kehlani in the hospital. 

"She did not cheat or intentionally hurt me, she actually did something extremely noble & respectful," he wrote, "but the fact that it's still a lingering narrative is really outdated at this point and as I'm hearing about what people are doing to try and intentionally hurt her on my behalf is bullshit.”

Read the full statement here.