Ever since Kyrie Irving was asked about joining the New York Knicks in the offseason and his subsequent status with the Boston Celtics, the superstar player has started to become irritated with the media. He has appeared fairly hostile towards the media at times this season and has now resorted to blaming them for why he's been so frustrated with them recently. His frustrations primarily lie on all the rumors surrounding his name amidst the team's recent struggles.

"I get tired of all this stuff just like everybody else," Kyrie explained. "It's a constant battle because media has just gotten outrageous."

Kyrie says it's not just him who has had to face the media's wrath this year and that some of the league's biggest players are facing criticism they don't necessarily deserve.

"Even seeing somebody question [LeBron James'] body of work. My body of work. [Kevin Durant's] body of work," Kyrie said. "It makes players very unhappy. I think someone told me that Adam Silver was talking the other day about how unhappy NBA players are especially nowadays because of the scrutiny and exploitation that we go through."

Irving even went as so far as to say that when he became a basketball player, he didn't want to become a celebrity or deal with the media and that at times he just wants to be left alone.

"I didn't really come into this game to be cameras in my face, be famous, be a celebrity, whatever embodies that," Irving said. "It's a little hard for me. I wanted those things when I was younger, but now ... I just want to play basketball at a very high level."

The Celtics are currently ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 38-26.