Kyrie Irving was noticeably absent from the player's bench or the front row at the TD Garden, reason being: he underwent surgery to repair his deviated septum. Kyrie's agent Jeff Wechsler told ESPN's Jackie MacMullan, the operation prevented him from "flying," under doctor's orders.

"It was a residual from the facial fracture he had earlier in the season," Wechsler said of Kyrie's injury. "He had the knee surgery, and now he's taken care of this sinus surgery, so he will be all set going forward."

Although it wasn't fitting to have Kyrie take a flyer and not offer moral support, his surgery wasn't entirely cosmetic, only a little superfluous when you consider the extent of his lengthy lay-off. Could he have managed his time a little better? Was he avoided a face to face encounter with LeBron. These are questions that look destined for a "player's only meeting" should it ever occur.

General Manager Danny Ainge offered a more humorous take on his star player being absent from the bench. "I don't think he wanted to be seen," Ainge said, before alluding to his starring role in this summer's Uncle Drew, "he's a really good-looking guy. He didn't want to ruin his movie career."