When Kobe Bryant passed away last year, the NBA found numerous ways to honor him. Various players also made sure to deliver their Kobe tributes, and it made for a year full of remembrance for one of the league's greatest stars. A year later, there are still various ways in which the players are trying to pay homage, and Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving believes he has the perfect way to honor Kobe's legacy.

Just a day ago, Irving noted that Bryant should become the NBA logo and that "Black Kings built the league." When asked about his stance last night, Irving doubled down as he noted that Bryant needs to become the NBA logo now and that he will never deviate from this position.

“My thing is paying homage to the example that’s been set by that man,” Irving said. “Kobe Bryant. Logo. Yes. Needs to happen. I don’t care what anyone says. Black kings built the league. That’s exactly what I meant, it’s exactly where I stand.”

The NBA has not announced any plans to change the logo, which is currently a silhouette of Jerry West. West has never cared for being the logo, and we're sure he wouldn't mind the change. For now, however, it seems like things will be staying as is.

Kobe Bryant

Harry How/Getty Images